this is so confusing omg


i’m ready for zayn to kill me


Full Court Shot!


the idea that just because sex is consensual that means it must be healthy is so narrow-minded and really neglects to take into effect how survivors of sexual assault, especially people who were assaulted as children, learn very early on and are groomed to BE hypersexual and to see her self-worth as related to her sexuality and this view of the self extends into adulthood. 

give my selfie love please


I know how hard it is to find vintage or inspired vintage clothes so I decided to make this list of my favorite online shop where you can find groovy clothes (sorry for my bad english) hope it will help you ! :) :

Pop Boutique : my favorite, they sell awesome…


give me mini skirts or give me DEATH


gf: babe come over

me: im a fucking koala

gf: i have eucalyptus 

me: image

i straightened the wig?

i straightened the wig?


Manchester, 1963

The Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps
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