Apr 18

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i love stevie wonder….so….much……

do you even know what shaming means? rich people are never shamed for anything???? no one is like “you are rich and a waste of life” they just suck

it’s hard to talk to people who have so much more money than you because your problems are so different, it’s frustrating honestly

do ppl really think “rich shaming” is a thing??? wtf rich ppl suck balls, screw you (unless u buy me something then u ok)


when she call you honeyimage

(via coalgirls)

i mean i wear panties but like? if it’s warm why do I need more clothes

my breasts are so small, i don’t even feel like i need shirts honestly

i just feel like some times it’s a stupid idea to wear a shirt

mmm i just feel constricted by clothing when im with close company

am i a nudist: yes probably

i love warm nights were i can be outside without a shirt

i am so tired but i don’t want to go to sleep

the phrase “guyliner” is so ridiculous
buddy, your attempt to somehow change the gender of an object does not change the object itself, the eyeliner i wear is the same eyeliner you wear but you can’t handle that for some reason?